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The AVG antivirus is getting to be a standout amongst the most searched out free antivirus software among the PC clients around the globe. The product furnishes the client with such awesome elements that it turns into the perfect decision for them after some time. The antivirus program offers awesome adaptability and moderateness with its special and overpowering components. The product could be downloaded from the official site for nothing. The free AVG is a standout among the most prevalent releases among the PC clients. You can download Avg from here. To secure your gadget against these expanding dangers, it is exceedingly prescribed by AVG Support USA experts to use AVG antivirus software.

The AVG antivirus has been picking up in ubiquity since the season of its commencement in 1992, when the main item was dispatched. Numerous PC clients among the world are utilizing the free AVG releases with extraordinary impact for their PC well being needs. This is same programming that one would get by paying around hundred dollars. The same components are made accessible to the free AVG clients. The product is a perfect match for PC clients. One would need to fall back on the enrolled highlighted forms for the system worked frameworks and a pack of frameworks. Not everyone is aware but AVG stands for Anti-Virus Guard.

AVG Antivirus is available for Windows phone, Microsoft windows, Android, iOS and OS X

AVG Technologies gives various items from the AVG range, reasonable for Windows 2000 onwards. Notwithstanding this, AVG Technologies additionally gives Mac OS X versions of the product. AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 is accessible in free and business releases. AVG 9.0 has data fraud assurance through an association with Intersections Inc., AVG 9.0 likewise includes white posting, behavioural insurance and cloud operations to their signature based blocking. The product includes the Resident Shield, firewall, and character assurance modules. The Link Scanner segment has been enhanced to cut phishing dangers further. Version 9 was the last form compatible with Windows 2000.

How to download and install AVG Antivirus

Step 1

You can download AVG FREE by clicking here. When prompted, click the Run button.


  • Downloading AVG could bring a few minutes even with a broadband connection, so be patient and make yourself some tea while you hold up.
  • You are not the slightest bit committed to pay GRISOFT/AVG anything, so you won’t have to enter any credit card details or personal information. However, there are different versions of AVG, so in the event that you like it you should seriously think about supporting the organization’s endeavors by obtaining their business item.
Step 2 – Start the installation

Since AVG has downloaded, the establishment wizard will begin. Your PC may inquire as to whether you’re certain you need to run the file, in the event that it does you’ll have to snap Run to affirm.

Note: Note: You’ll have a short hold up while AVG extracts.

Step 3 – The Installation Phase – “Welcome to the AVG Free Setup Program”

On the First screen: You’ve quite recently entered the Wizard, so click Next.

Second screen: For the Acceptance Notice, click Accept.

Third screen: It’s a license agreement, read it in the event that you need to, generally simply click Accept.

Fourth screen: It’s a cat-and-mouse diversion! Let the installer carry out its job and hold up patiently.

Fifth screen: Standard or custom installation? Pick Standard, and snap Next.

Sixth screen: Activate your AVG Free License. On the off chance that the user name isn’t your own particular name, transform it. Click next.

Seventh screen: AVG Security Toolbar. You might need to introduce the toolbar in the event that you visit sites that are flawed, or on the off chance that others utilize the PC and you can’t monitor their utilization. The Toolbar will alert you when it thinks a site is a potential risk, the drawback is it makes your program a bit slower. In the event that you would prefer not to introduce it, unchecked the box. Click Next.

Eighth screen: Setup Summary. Nothing of enthusiasm here. Simply click Finish.

Ninth screen: Don’t stress over this one, abandon it to carry out its occupation and go make yourself another cuppa!

Tenth screen: SUCCESS! Installation is finished! Click OK.

NOTE: You may need to restart now, so be set up to do as such. —

Step 4. AVG First Run Wizard

The First Run Wizard sets up AVG to suit your requirements. Click Next. Make sure you schedule regular scan and updates. Alter the opportunity to a period that is more convenient. Running scans also helps us to recognize new online dangers.

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