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Don’t let errors stop you from connecting with friends and family

Need help to set up your email account or instant messenger? Does your Skype connection often go offline in the middle of a conversation?

Whatever may be the issue you’re facing, our tech experts will be quite happy to help you. Go ahead, make the most of technology.

Windows Live Messenger

Can’t connect to a friend on Windows Live Messenger? Allow our technicians to diagnose and resolve the glitches.

Yahoo! Messenger

Customize the settings of Yahoo! Messenger and fix errors with help from the technicians at Antivirus Tech Support.


Instant tech support for Skype is only a phone call away. Get help for Skype troubleshooting, configuration, and much more.


Get started with your email client with tech support from Antivirus Tech Support. The technicians will set up your email program and fix errors, if any.