SophosHow to install Sophos Antivirus?

The Sophos Antivirus software installation procedure is very simple to perform. Follow the how to install Sophos Antivirus instructions given below to install the Sophos Antivirus on your Windows and Mac system.

Install Sophos Antivirus Windows

Before proceeding to the installation process, you have to create an account with Sophos if you do not have one.

  • Make sure your computer is compatible with the Sophos Antivirus program.
  • Launch the Sophos Antivirus on your system. The next how to install Sophos Antivirus step is to sign into the Sophos Home Dashboard.
  • Tap the Download button once you log in successfully.
  • Wait till the download is over and then run the sophosinstall.exe file to begin the installation.
  • Click the Yes button in the User Account Control screen.
  • The files will be extracted in the next Sophos install step. Tap the Install button in the next step.
  • After the installation is complete, click the Finish button.

Install Sophos Antivirus Mac

  • Make sure you have a Sophos Account before you install the Antivirus program. You will be prompted to sign in using your Sophos account.
  • Ensure that your Mac system is compatible with the software.
  • First, log into the Sophos Home Dashboard using the appropriate credentials.
  • On the Protect this Mac screen, select the Download option to download the Antivirus setup file.
  • Access the Downloads folder and then you have to double-click on SophosInstall to launch the Installer.
  • Next, find the Sophos and double-click on it. The installation will begin.
  • Click the Open button when a Security Warning is displayed on your screen.
  • Tap Continue on the next screen and provide the Username and Password of the mac system.
  • Wait till the installation procedure completes and click Close when The Installation Was Successful message appears.

Steps To Activate Sophos

  • The first step of the activation process is to sign into your Sophos Central account.
  • Make sure to enter the proper credentials while signing in.
  • There is a drop-down menu available near your Account icon.
  • Choose the Licensing option from that drop-down list.
  • In the text box provided for Apply Activation Code, enter the Activation Code that contains 30 characters.
  • Tap the Apply option to activate your license.

How to Enable Real-time Protection In Sophos?

  • Go with the how to install Sophos Antivirus guidelines that are given here for turning On the Real-Time Protection feature in the Sophos software.
  • Log into your Sophos Home dashboard.
  • Select the name of the personal computer in which you wish to enable the real-time protection feature.
  • Navigate to the Protection tab and then click on the General button.
  • Under the Real-Time Protection menu, the switch must be toggled to the On state.
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